Pointe Level 1

Learn the basics of pointe work. Find out how to do the soft toe work which is required today. Strengthen your legs with safe and effective exercises.

This class is for people who have regularly been attending classes for 1-2 years and who have developed the strength necessary to start dancing en pointe. It is not suitable for complete beginners.

You need to buy your Pointe Shoes and learn how to wear them before course starts (U-tube has many videos showing various ways to tie your pointe shoes. Dancer’s wardrobe can help you choose appropriate shoes).

Pointe Level 2

Learn more challenging and dynamic steps and combinations in this level 2 pointe class.

This class is for people who’ve already got some experience in pointe shoes. If you feel comfortable spending a whole class in pointe shoes and can easily relevé on one foot en pointe in the centre, it’s a good sign you’re ready for the level 2 pointe class.

Pointe Level 3

If you’ve been dancing on pointe for a number of years and feel confident dancing in the centre and doing pirouettes en pointe, take your pointe work to the next level with this level 3 pointe class.

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