Beginner Ballet Classes

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The complete beginner class (level 1) will introduce you to ballet, and give you a strong foundation in the basics of technique, posture and movement. You’ll learn to use muscles you never knew you had, and fall in love with the unique art form that is ballet.

As you progress through to level 2 and 3 (beginner and advanced beginner) you’ll notice the range of steps and choreography increasing, along with the intensity of the class. You’ll start learning a range of jumps and preparations for pirouettes, as well as slower, sustained movements (adagio) to complement your ballet progression.

The teacher will focus on correct movement to stay safe and injury free, as well as building a solid base of strength and technique to prepare you for the more challenging movements of the higher levels.

You’ll work your body and your brain in these classes, to become stronger and fitter in every sense of the word!

Complete beginner classes (level 1) are great if you’ve never done ballet before, or if you stopped before you hit your teens.

Beginner (level 2) is suitable for people who’ve taken six months to a year of regular ballet classes.

Advanced beginner (level 3) can usually be reached after two years of regular dancing.

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