Project Description

Dancer: Claire L

Started ballet 8 years ago

“I took up ballet classes aged 31, with no prior experience apart from a brief stint when I was about 5. That was 8 years ago, and I still really enjoy the challenge of Ione’s classes. There is always something new to master, and it’s so rewarding to feel yourself making progress. Ione encourages us to be patient with ourselves, and gives us all the techniques we need to achieve our goals, bit by bit.

I have a busy work schedule, but there are plenty of options under Dance Domain timetable. Ballet classes are a chance to switch off from everything else and concentrate on my own personal development for a while. It strengthens my muscles, keeps me fit, and the classes are full of great people.

I always enjoyed watching ballet, but now I have so much more appreciation for it as an art-form. I’m so pleased I’ve taken up these classes, it has enriched my life in a number of different ways and I look forward to learning more ballet for years to come!”

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