Project Description

Dancer: Satomi

Started ballet age 55

“I am a 67 years old, Japanese grandma, who decided to take her first ballet lesson at the age of 55.
Lots of things were against me: I was then working full time as an international flight attendant. Years of flying gave ma a very unhealthy, stiff and tired body. It didn’t give me much time to attend regular classes either. I had literally no turn-out, had terrible balance and bad memory. Of course my age didn’t really help either.
One luck I had was that I knocked on the ballet class of Ione. Since then I’ve never looked back.
Ione is an amazing ballet teacher with an abundance of knowledge and experience. But what makes her so special is that she has unbelievable patience and understanding. We dance together, we laugh together and we cry together.
We are bunch of fun people with different level of dance, various backgrounds, diverse nationalities, genders and ages, but we firmly share one thing in common- unstoppable passion for ballet.”

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