Project Description

Dancer: Xinghe

Beginner ballet dancer

“As a beginner, I have been studying ballet for only two months and I even haven’t bought dance clothes. In the past, as a college student, I always read and wrote, and occasionally went to the gym to practice yoga. However, yoga and ballet are different things, yoga advocates introverted self-reflection, but ballet encourages people to open themselves and show themselves to others. Although I am not a professional ballet dancer and I may not be a professional dancer in the future, ballet has made me try to be confident from a person who is not confident enough, through every time I tighten my abdomen and open my arms. Therefore, I think that ballet can make me a more outgoing person. Each lesson has a mix of known and new content. The elegant teacher always adjusts the teaching content according to the student’s learning situation. She knows how to show step by step and always be a patient guide. I like this teacher and I enjoy the ballet class^_^.”

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