Project Description

Dancer: Donald

Life-long dancer

“I started dancing at the age of 7 from aerobic – gymnastic to traditional dance, jazz and hip-hop back in Vietnam; and I always dreamed of becoming a professional dancer. Ballet is not so popular in my country therefore I did not have any chance to start doing it until I was at my late teens.
I came to New Zealand 6 years ago to study with a scholarship in Computing Diploma. And as a freelance dancer, I could find myself easily in any dance classes of many kinds: hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, and last but not least ballet.
Ione Barczak is my first ballet teacher and she is my most favourite dance instructor so far in my life. With amazing knowledge and expert care, Ione understands each and every student who comes to her classes, she knows exactly what your body needs to work on improving ballet technique; and gives you explanations on things patiently and professionally. Teaching with awesome music, being open-minded to share her life experience and listen to people’s stories, she inspires me to learn things from many worldwide professional dancers as well as challenging and encouraging to act and express myself in many dance characters; especially to love dancing ballet more and more.
The Dance Domain is my recommendation to all adults at any ages to start ballet and train to become ballet dancers. It has all it takes to deserve a vote for one of the best dance studios: great teachers, great location, great facilities, and great managing people.
Graceful thanks to all.”

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