Project Description

Dancer: Sarah

Started ballet a year ago

“I always appreciated those graceful looking people and had wondered what I could do to become one of those, dancing has always been on my to do list, I didn’t realise how much I would love it until I started ballet at Dance Domain 10 months ago which has now become one of my passions.

As an adult, I was afraid that it might be too late to start ballet, but it has proved me wrong, I have learned more about ballet than I could dream.
I have been doing yoga for almost 10 years, the foundation I had built really helps me to make the most of every class, Ione is hands down the best dancing teacher I have ever met in my life, she always helps to develop people’s potential and wears a very lovely smile. The atmosphere she create is always friendly and encouraging, this is important for a person with uncoordinated feet like me, I have gained so much confidence from Ione in dancing. I enjoy every minute in the class and I am so glad that it has become a part of my life now!”

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