Project Description

Dancer: David

Started dancing at university

“I started paying more attention to movement when I was 18-19 in university, in a background that foregrounded exploration and finding one’s own creative voice. Most of the technique classes were about modern dance, and technique was in the context of movement pathways rather than specific shapes that we make as individuals. Exploration was really helpful in the initial stages of learning to move, and created lots of opportunities for growth, but was lacking sometimes in technical rigour.
Ten years and nearly as many countries later, I encountered the Dance Domain. My lack of experience in ballet was worrisome initially and I felt a bit like a polar bear in the desert of people who seemed to know what they were doing – but the Dance Domain provided so many opportunities to develop as a dancer with nearly daily classes that I was able to constantly challenge myself and progressively develop in technique, poise, awareness of my surroundings, and to an extend in performance technique. All of the teachers provided different takes on some of the same structures and a breadth of knowledge about the history and kinematics of movement. Being able to take so many classes per week created an immersive environment in which it was possible to implement the things we learned in class soon after. In addition, learning about ballet inspired aspects of my choreography and improvisation which were peripheral before.
The community of this little school is also noteworthy and being around supportive and nurturing classmates and teachers has inspired me to want to work harder and to do a better job. We interact with folks at all ability levels and are constantly learning about ideas and practices from dancers all over the world. I was a little skeptical at first but eventually realised that we all want something similar: to learn and grow as dancers and also as human beings who exist in space. Ballet isn’t the only way to achieve this, but the structure and generosity of this school makes it easier than in many (most) other places I’ve lived and worked.
Keep on dancin’…”

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